Our Program

Simply put, Mobile Laser Systems program offers an outstanding opportunity for physicians to introduce the lucrative and highly effective Q-Switched Laser treatments for nail fungus on a part-time, mobile basis. PHYSICIANS DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE.

If you have patients who suffer from nail fungus but you are not quite ready to invest in a full-time laser, Mobile Laser Systems provides your patients with the most advanced treatment possible while also supplementing your practice revenues. Best of all, you do not need to invest any of your valuable time to launch this project; everything is taken care of for you.

Mobile Laser Systems provides:

  • Q-Switched Laser on-site
  • Patient Consultation
  • All Patient Paperwork, Consent Forms, Pre/Post Treatment Instructions
  • Pre/Post Treatment photos
  • Q-Switched Laser Treatment with 97% Clinical Success Rate
  • 180-day patient follow-up
  • No cost follow-up treatment if necessary

You Provide:

  • Patients diagnosed with onychomycosis
  • Appointments scheduled on a pre-designated day

There is absolutely no pre-selling done on your part. You only pre-qualify the patients based on their diagnosis and interest in a highly effective, non-insurance based treatment guaranteed to eradicate nail fungus. You then schedule these patients on your weekly day designated for the Mobile Laser System service.

Physician Reimbursement:

You are reimbursed 50% of the revenues collected for the laser nail fungus treatments from patient fees that range from $399 (one foot) to $549 (both feet).

Mobile Laser